Tired of being compared to inferior competitors?

Tired of being on the same list with inferior competitors?

Tired of having the same accreditation as inferior competitors?

Why Should I Get My Company Sealed?
  • Differentiate your company from inferior competitors.
  • Improve employee and customer satisfaction
  • Increase close rates, margins and referral rates across all lead sources, not just the consumers who find you on AskTheSeal.com
  • New customers who care more about quality and safety than finding the cheapest price can find you on AskTheSeal.com
  • Reduce your risk of a negligent hire lawsuit by performing proper background checks on your employees
  • Reduce your risk of a discrimination lawsuit by using an objective 3rd party background check criteria that is applied consistently
  • No lead fees
How Do I Get My Company Sealed?
  • We have a very simple application. We need some basic information about your business, licenses and insurance
  • Once your company is approved, we proceed with the background checks
How Much Does It Cost?
  • Our Pricing is very simple and the cost of the program is minimal
  • Pricing is based on number of employees, type of business and market area
  • No long contract
  • Contact us¬†for more information. Please include number of employees, type of business and market area.
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