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Ask the Seal.com was founded in Central Florida in 2008 to help consumers distinguish reputable companies from companies that pretend to be reputable. We quickly became a trusted name in Central Florida, where consumers go to find reputable companies with the Seal of Approval and we are now expanding nationwide.

Prior to Ask the Seal.com, our founder was an owner of a large home service company. While he was there, his company was often called in to clean up the mess after a consumer had been taken advantage of by an unscrupulous person or company. Many of these companies or individuals were unlicensed or uninsured but consumers didn’t know because they were misled by business cards, trucks, advertisements and sales materials that falsely claimed these things. These companies often did a better job at looking legitimate than the legitimate companies themselves. Of the legitimate companies who took advantage of consumers, there was often evidence of their poor customer service if you only knew where to look. The one common denominator was that the consumer was left holding the bag when things went wrong.

Our founder’s company also background checked all of its employees. They frequently found serious problems with applicants who were working for competitors who advertised and claimed to background check their employees. His experience was that most companies claiming to background check their employees did not actually perform these checks, did not do them correctly or often did not care what the results were. Even large reputable companies who claimed to do background checks were knowingly and unknowingly sending recently released violent criminals and even sex offenders into people’s homes and businesses.

Tired of seeing consumers taken advantage of, our founder created Ask the Seal.com to educate consumers about the risks of hiring the wrong company, help them find the right company and help good companies differentiate themselves. Ask the Seal.com verifies license, insurance and customer service. We perform nationwide criminal background and sex offender checks on the actual employees interacting with your property or family. We issue photo IDs confirming background checks and companies with the Seal of Approval can initiate an email to you from Ask the Seal.com with a photo and proof of background check of the employee working for you. See our process and criteria on our home page or our website terms and conditions.

Anyone can tell you that they are licensed and insured. Are they really? Anyone can tell you that they background check their employees. Even if they actually do, what does that mean? Anyone can send you an email from themselves with a photo. Don’t just take a sales person’s word for it, get a third party validation. Look for the Seal of Approval.

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Ask the Seal.com helps consumers distinguish reputable companies from companies that pretend to be reputable.

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